The Visa Advisor

The Visa Advisor

The Visa Advisor is a fully registered (MARN: 1278582)  Migration Agency which is based in Perth, Western Australia. We provide expert migration advice and a friendly though professional service.

Applying for a visa can be a nerve wracking experience. Whether you are already in Australia and desire to stay longer or are abroad and are desperate to migrate to Australia, securing a visa is the most crucial part of your plans. As our Principal Agent has been through the visa system himself we are acutely aware of the unique stresses that securing a visa can cause.

We use our knowledge of the current legislation to advice you on your visa options. Once you have decided on the most appropriate visa for your circumstances we use our expertise to guide you through the application process.

We can assist with all types of visa applications though we specialize in sponsorship, permanent residency and partner/de facto visas. We assist both companies and individuals by explaining the particular advantages and disadvantages of each visa option available to them.

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